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hello and thanks for taking the time to read this story of mine. when I was little around 10 years old my father who was my best friend passed away suddenly in a car accident I did not handle it well at all. but I was drawn to crystals and Wicca and mythology that helped me cope and grieve and feel stronger like I could get through anything. I always felt like I had a connection to the moon my dad and I would watch the moon and stars at night sometimes and it was precious times In my life I will always cherish. but Crystals are like crack to me haha! Been wanting to do a business side type of thing for a while and well here i am just trying to fulfill a dream of mine. I have add and adhd growing up was hard for me with having learning disability and not being able to sit still in school. I coped with crystals and metaphysical items that comforted me and helped me in the long run.. I now am in my late 20's and have 3 amazing spotted Dalmatians who keep me on my toes and a full time managing job at a restaurant to keep me busy.

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